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Moving With Pets

Our pets, just like us, get very stressed when moving happens. They subtly feel the owner’s mood before moving, notice a change in their usual surroundings while you gather together all the household items and furniture. On moving day, your pet is introduced to their territory, where they are subject to invasion by strangers and odors. The road to a new home is not a pleasant trip. You know exactly where you are going and why, and what do they think? Fear, panic, horror? Unfortunately, our little ones can’t tell us exactly.

Now, wanting to protect your pet from stress, you can place them in a pet hotel or leave your little one with relatives or close friends. If you do not have such an opportunity, at the very least – try to place your pet in a separate room, free from all the activity and the noise of moving furniture and piling up of boxes.

5 Rules About Moving With Pets

Moving your pet to a new place can be a headache for you and one of the most difficult problems. Here are some tips to make your pet moving a lot easier:

     1. Plan Your Route: If you are moving by car, research your route upfront. Try to choose a path on which there are recreation areas and there are hotels where pets are allowed. These nuances will provide a good rest not only for your pet but will let you relax as well.

     2. Use a Pet Carrier: This will help to cope with the level of anxiety of the animal during the trip, as well as come in handy for the first time in your new home. And this is definitely necessary if you have a dog and a cat traveling together, these friends must be kept separately.


     3. Consider Food: Riding in a car is likely to upset your pet’s stomach. Before the trip, it might be helpful to keep your four-legged friend on a hungry diet for about 10 hours. It is worth restricting drinking water 2 hours before the start of the trip.

     4. Water Supply: Take a special drinking bowl for an animal or a plastic bowl with you in the car. Periodically check if the animal is thirsty.

     5. Saying Hello to a New Place: When you get to your new home, give your pet time to explore all the rooms. Cats, in particular, enjoy it. It is advisable for dogs to offer a light meat snack to feel safe in a new place.

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